Bespoke Resilience

What is Bespoke Resilience Training?

Our Bespoke Resilience solutions offer a flexible approach to training, enabling us to fully engage with the specific resilience challenges faced by our clients. Whether this is at an organisational or a team level. Through a process of consultation, we identify the particular approach or strategy that is needed and design a bespoke programme just for you.

Who is this programme for?

Our bespoke programmes are adaptive. Whatever the staff group or the challenges faced, we can provide training that fits your needs. Through a consultation process we develop an understanding of the factors that are undermining resilience and wellbeing in your organisation. With this knowledge at hand, we plan a programme tailored to staff needs at whatever level of the organisation.

    Why choose us?

    The team behind Ultimate Resilience offer proven clinical expertise and an established track record in resilience training. As Clinical Psychologists we have many years’ experience of evidence-based practice as well as leadership within the NHS. Our skills and experience mean we are uniquely placed to understand your organisation’s specific needs and to tailor a programme of wellbeing support that will help you as well as your staff to overcome challenge and change.

    The bespoke programmes that we create are based around our Skills-based model of Personal Resilience. This model describes the evidence base behind resilience development and brings structure to our bespoke courses, ensuring both content and delivery will lead to quantifiable results for your organisation.

    What does this programme involve?

    The Bespoke Resilience programmes we offer are wide-ranging and also varied, depending on the needs of the organisation that we are working with.

    Bespoke training examples:

    Surviving the Mental Health Impact of Covid webinar series

    In response to the Covid pandemic, we developed a series of webinars focusing on Surviving the Mental Health Impact of Covid. Aimed at the whole staff group, this series includes sessions on navigating change, understanding the mental health impact of Covid, talking about mental health, self-care, creating resilient teams and also developing a resilient mindset. Either as a complete series of 6 webinars, or as standalone sessions, this service can be tailored to your needs.

    Developing Peer-Led Staff Support

    We worked with a Further Education College in Birmingham to develop a supported learning programme. This was aimed at facilitating the development of staff-led mental health and wellbeing resources. This workshop involved working with staff trained in mental health awareness to explore and understand wellbeing need within their organisation and potential methods of support. Participants were encouraged to take into account practical factors, resource issues and facilitator support needs. The resulting peer-led staff support resources were uniquely tailored to staff needs, providing safe space for both staff attendees and facilitators.

    Introduction to Resilience webinar

    We have created Introduction to Resilience training sessions for larger organisations aimed at reaching high numbers of employees across the whole business. A key feature of all our training is our focus on user engagement and encouraging participants to take action to make positive change. Working with an NHS Trust with over 6000 employees, we were able to support large numbers of staff to build key resilience skills. The large group online format meant the training was both accessible to staff and also cost effective for the organisation.

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