Training for Essential Resilience

Our Essential Resilience workshop programme builds emotional resilience and flexible thinking skills to improve wellbeing and coping in stressful situations.

These skills help you to deal more successfully with uncertainty and change so you can stay healthy and happy both at work and at home.

Essential Resilience – outcomes

  • Improve emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Recognise and manage stress
  • Learn strategies to manage strong emotions. Build emotional strengths and wellbeing through positive emotions and supportive relationships
  • Identify unhelpful thinking styles and apply flexible thinking strategies and optimism. Deal more effectively with difficult situations
  • Achieve improved work-life balance and self-care. Understand their importance in maintaining great health and wellbeing
  • Experience lasting change through 10 weeks of post-workshop support. Put new skills into action and ensure resilience delivers positive, permanent change

    Group Resilience Coaching

    With a focus on lasting change, our group resilience coaching is designed to extend learning post workshop to groups who have attended the Essential Resilience or Leadership Resilience training.

    Normally delivered as part of a complete training package, group or individual coaching provides space to reflect on the use of resilience skills, to enhance individuals’ stories of resilience and continue to grow resilient teams.

    Get in touch to find out how our resilience training can benefit you

    You can speak to Jo or Felicity on +44 (0) 7982 056659/+44 (0) 7734 959002