Essential Resilience

What is Essential Resilience training?

Our Essential Resilience training programme is a workshop-based intervention aimed at supporting participants to develop lasting resilience. Drawing on our Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience this programme teaches staff the core resilience skills they need to overcome challenge and maintain good mental health and wellbeing. Our evidence-based model supports participants to learn to:


  • Improve self-awareness by developing an understanding of signs and symptoms of stress
  • Build emotional resilience by regulating threat emotions, growing positive emotions and creating nurturing supportive relationships
  • Develop resilient thinking skills by applying flexible thinking strategies and also optimism, in order to deal more effectively with difficult situations
  • Achieve improved work-life balance and self-care, and be able to understand their importance in maintaining great health and wellbeing for themselves
  • Identify personal resilience and wellbeing goals to develop motivation and be able to make changes by linking these goals to their hopes and values effectively

Who is this programme for?

Our Essential Resilience programme works for everyone, whatever their status within their organisation. Designed for maximum engagement and accessibility, this programme is suitable for staff who want to learn skills to boost their wellbeing and resilience capacity now and over the longer term.

Why choose us?

Ultimate Resilience offer proven clinical expertise as well as an established track record in resilience training. We are a friendly team of Clinical Psychologists who have many years’ experience of working with groups and individuals, both in the NHS and privately. We are used to helping others overcome stress and build the emotional resources needed to deal with challenge and change.

At Ultimate Resilience, we are committed to bringing you evidence-based, experiential training programmes that produce quantifiable results for your organisation and people. Drawing on research evidence of what really works, we developed The Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience which underpins all our training and coaching.

Client experience is a top priority for us at Ultimate Resilience and we aim to ensure all our services lead to great customer satisfaction. You can check out our excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

What does this programme involve?

The Essential Resilience programme centres on 3 key modules: Emotional Resilience, Resilient Thinking and Balance and Recovery. Depending on the needs of the organisation, this can be run within either a small or large group format, online or in person. In order to enhance learning, additional post-workshop information and exercises are also provided.

We encourage workshop participants to engage actively in a process of change, reflecting on their own experiences and then identifying new skills and strategies to try out for themselves. Experiential exercises and homework options encourage participants to put new skills into practice. Opportunities for reflection and sharing of experiences further support learning and motivation to make lasting change.

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