Group Resilience Coaching

What is Group Resilience Coaching?

Highly recommended to support lasting change, this 1.5 hour group coaching session is usually conducted 8-10 weeks following attendance at our Essential Resilience or Resilient Leadership workshop. Group coaching aims to embed learning, enable trouble shooting and support participants to review action plans and set future resilience goals.

Who is this service for?

Our group resilience coaching sessions are for staff members who have previously attended one of our small group workshop programmes.

Why choose us?

As experienced Clinical Psychologists and therapists, we are trained to support people to make lasting positive change and promote resilience.

Regulated by professional bodies, our specialist skills and training in psychological approaches mean we are also able to draw on a wealth of theories as well as techniques that will help participants to develop new, problem-free ways forward.

What does this service involve?

Group coaching sessions draw on our clinical expertise to ensure that workshop participants reflect on their use of resilience skills, learn from setbacks and are also able to identify new goals that will ensure changes are maintained over the longer term.

Working collaboratively, this process helps participants understand their own ways of thinking, feeling and responding to threats and challenges, as well as to understand how their difficulties are being maintained. Our values-based approach promotes goal attainment and lasting positive change for participants.

Get in touch to find out how our resilience training can benefit you

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