Individual Resilience Coaching

What is Individual Resilience coaching?

At Ultimate Resilience, we offer Individual Resilience Coaching to organisations. This is a way of helping them support individual staff members who are struggling with stress. Resilience coaching is a collaborative way of working aimed at helping employees deal effectively with the impact of life’s challenges on functioning and wellbeing at work. Sessions provide space for participants to explore these challenges and identify goals and strategies that will allow them to bounce back.

Who is this service for?

Individual coaching is suitable for any staff member whose work functioning has been impacted by challenge or change either within or outside the work environment. This input can be provided following attendance at one of our resilience workshops or as stand-alone sessions.

Why choose us?

All our resilience coaches are qualified Clinical Psychologists or therapists, regulated by professional bodies. With our specialist skills and also training in psychological approaches, we are able to draw on a wealth of theories and techniques that will help participants to find new, problem-free ways forward.

We recognise that each person is unique and the way their problems impact them is also unique. Our psychological expertise and knowledge allow us to adapt our way of working to the needs of the individual. The result is a bespoke package of skills and strategies tailored to an individual’s specific goals.

What does this service involve?

When problems have been around a long time, are complex or involve various aspects of a person’s life, it can be hard to make sense of them. Our resilience coaching method draws on our Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience to help participants understand any difficulties they are experiencing within a psychological framework.

Working collaboratively, this process also helps participants reflect on thoughts, feelings and behaviours to understand how their difficulties are being maintained and help them work on making positive change.

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