Fircroft College of Adult Education

“Perfect springboard to change – helped me professionally and personally. 100% relevant.”

“Extremely helpful. Allowed me to focus on personal and professional life.”

“The workbook allows me to remember and apply outside the session.”


Fircroft College is an adult education college in Birmingham that was going through some radical change. A new Principal had come in and was investing time and energy to improve the running of the organisation. This was a difficult time for staff. Many had been committed to the College for many years and felt a personal attachment to the way things were run.


Changes were seen as a threat and the Principal was keen to support the staff team through the difficult process. Having approached Ultimate Resilience, we arranged three workshops for the full mix of employees – from cleaning staff to senior management and HR.


We used resilient thinking to help everyone become more resilient. We included mindfulness, emotion regulation, work-life balance and self-care as components of the training. Emotional strength, including building positive relationships and positive emotions, also featured as key resilience skills.


Everyone was keen to take the ideas forward. Feedback was very positive with 100% of participants stating that they would recommend the training to other people. 96% of participants reported that they had found the training enjoyable and well-organised and were able to identify key resilience skills that they wanted to take forward.


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