The University of Nottingham

“I have found it really beneficial and I feel positive that my life is going to start getting better.”

“Both of the course tutors were really knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.”

“Really valuable training workshop to help with work and personal de-stressing strategies.”


We have a long-standing relationship with The University of Nottingham, having first delivered our Essential Resilience training programme in 2013. The University has placed high value on these workshops and run them several times a year. Staff members largely self-select, although on occasion have been recommended by managers or Occupational Health.


The University has been particularly interested in maximising learning and long term gains for its staff. They have commissioned both the workshop package and further consolidation sessions for participants. People attend from all disciplines across the University.


Consolidation sessions last two hours, taking a coaching format to:

  • Review and reflect on resilience strategies adopted by the group since the workshop
  • Explore difficulties and set-backs in making change and ways to overcome these
  • Help participants identify goals for future resilience development


Outcomes for attendees include improvements in resilience and well-being. 100% of participants show increases in their scores on our resilience measure. 86% of participants show increases in their scores on our measure of well-being between attending the original workshop and attending the consolidation session (usually a period of 12-14 weeks).