Nottingham University

Understanding the keys skills and individual qualities involved in personal resilience

“I will be highly recommending this course. I like the academic explanation of psychology coupled with the tools to actively address the situation I may find myself in.”

“I think the training will help me to keep calm in stressful situations at work. It has given me some very useful practical skills which I intend to practice.”

“Great opportunity to reflect individually and within a team.”


In collaboration with the E.U. funded Postgraduate Placements Programme, we’re working with a postgraduate student from Nottingham University to conduct an up-to-date systematic literature review aimed at developing a greater awareness of the most recent knowledge and evidence surrounding personal resilience. We plan to share our findings with the wider academic community through publication in a peer reviewed journal.


The placement provides an excellent opportunity for us to build interest and knowledge about resilience in the next generation of researchers and to offer students the chance to gain practical skills within their industry.

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