Resilience Coaching

Our goal is to promote lasting individual change and development. Our resilience coaching, available to groups or individuals, delivers robust skills for building and maintaining resilience over the longer term.

Individual Resilience Coaching

Too often, we can find ourselves struggling with complex interpersonal dynamics, dilemmas, challenge and change issues that undermine our wellbeing and effectiveness.

At these times it can be helpful to speak with an impartial third party to work out a way forward. This is where our Individual Resilience Coaching comes into its own, to not only assist with the complex difficulties arising within work but also to help individuals manage the impact of external events on work.

Individual coaching works on a 1-1 basis to deliver an individually tailored approach to helping you build the skills and strategies needed to improve wellbeing and resilience. It can be offered as a standalone intervention or as part of a bespoke wellbeing and resilience strategy.

Individual Resilience Coaching – outcomes

We draw on our clinical psychology expertise to:

  • Assess and help our clients to make sense of difficult situations and dilemmas
  • Formulate what is going on and understand the psychology involved
  • Assist clients to explore alternative more resilient work /life practices
  • Develop intervention plans to build wellbeing and resilience and support individual clients to test out new skills and strategies
  • Review and reflect on the impact

Group Resilience Coaching

With a focus on lasting change, our group resilience coaching is designed to extend learning post workshop to groups who have attended the Essential Resilience or Leadership Resilience training.

Through review and reflection group coaching embeds learning, enables trouble-shooting and supports participants to review action plans and set future resilience goals. It broadens individuals’ stories of resilience, builds self-efficacy and confidence to continue to put skills into practice over the longer term.

Group Resilience Coaching – outcomes

Drawing on psychological models of change and personal growth, group resilience coaching aims to:

  • Encourage self-reflection and raise participants’ self-awareness of their new resilience skills
  • Identify and problem-solve any difficulties that have arisen putting the resilience skills into practice
  • Reinforce the new narrative of resilience, linking skills to hopes and values
  • Strengthen participants’ new resilience skills through the use of past, present and future contextualisation
  • Develop new resilience goals and identify steps needed to put these into action

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