Individual Resilience Coaching

Too often, staff can find themselves struggling with complex interpersonal dynamics, dilemmas, challenge and change issues that undermine their own well-being and effectiveness. Sometimes these issues are difficult to deal with in-house.

It is helpful for staff to speak with an impartial third party to work out a way forward. This is where our Individual Resilience Coaching comes into its own to not only assist with the complex difficulties that can arise within work but also to help individuals manage the impact of external events on work

Individual Resilience Coaching – outcomes

In our individual coaching sessions, we draw on our clinical psychology expertise to:

  • Assess and help our clients to make sense of difficult situations and dilemmas
  • Formulate what is going on and understand the psychology involved
  • Assist clients to explore alternative more resilient work /life practices
  • Develop intervention plans to test out new skills and strategies to move forward
  • Review and reflect on the impact

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