Resilient Leadership

What is Resilient Leadership training?

Research shows that resilient teams are effective teams. Leaders who build a resilient workforce achieve heightened productivity and improved team co-operation, collaboration and cohesion. The resulting culture of trust and wellbeing empowers individual team members to share responsibility, give more and support each other through hard times. This is why Resilient Leadership is so crucial.

Drawing on and extending our Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience this workshop-based programme teaches staff in leadership positions all the resilience skills needed to grow personal and team resilience.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is aimed at staff in leadership positions, providing them with all the resilience tools they need to support staff mental health and wellbeing and to build a culture of resilience. By bringing out the resilience potential in staff and the wider organisation, this programme of Resilient Leadership will create a culture of trust and wellbeing to help your business thrive.

Why choose us?

The team behind Ultimate Resilience offer proven clinical expertise and an established track record in resilience training. As a team of Clinical Psychologists we have many years’ experience of evidence-based practice and leadership in the NHS. As such we are uniquely placed to support your leaders to develop the skills needed to overcome challenge and build resilient teams.

Our Resilient Leadership training draws on and extends our Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience. This will provide your leaders with an experiential training programme that produces quantifiable results for your organisation. You can also check out our excellent reviews on Trustpilot

What does this programme involve?

The Resilient Leadership programme centres on developing both personal and professional leadership skills. The training is run in a small group format, online or in person. It offers experiential exercises and homework options that encourage participants to try out new skills. Opportunities for reflection and sharing of experiences further support learning and motivation to make lasting change. Additional post-workshop information and exercises are also provided.

Key features of this Resilient Leadership programme include:

  • Personal resilience – participants learn to manage their own stress reactions first. And then develop a range of skills to build and maintain personal resilience and facilitate team resilience
  • Professional resilience – participants learn how to build a culture of trust and safety; as well as facilitate reflexivity, enabling staff to acknowledge and also learn from mistakes and errors; and then to support staff to manage threat and navigate change

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