Staff Wellbeing Survey

What is the Staff Wellbeing Survey service?

Every employer knows that staff wellbeing is key to long term resilience and the successful functioning of their organisation. Work functioning and performance become compromised when staff are stressed or overwhelmed, which in turn, compromises the smooth operation of your business. This is where our Staff Wellbeing Survey can support development.

Our Staff Wellbeing Survey will help you to understand the key sources of staff stress and how these factors are undermining resilience and wellbeing. Through a process of consultation, design and implementation, we will get to the root of staff challenges and concerns. Using systematic analysis we will formulate evidence-based recommendations that will allow you to develop a clear wellbeing strategy and action plan aimed at banishing stress and building resilience.

Who is this service for?

Our Wellbeing Survey service is available to any business or organisation that has concerns about staff mental health or wellbeing. Designing your own wellbeing survey can be challenging as well as time consuming. Engaging with an external agency with proven expertise in order to complete it for you will save you time and money.

Why choose us?

At Ultimate Resilience we have the specialist expertise you need. As Clinical Psychologists, our core training in research methods, survey design and statistical evaluation mean that our process is robust and also evidence-based. Combined with our knowledge of mental health and wellbeing, you can be sure of a comprehensive and bespoke wellbeing survey for your organisation.

Our unique consultation process means you can be sure that the survey will:

  • Target the specific challenges faced by your staff in order to offer support
  • Achieve excellent engagement and response rates
  • Provide the conditions necessary for staff to be open and honest in their responses
  • Make recommendations that support your wellbeing strategy, and that are tailored to identified staff resilience and wellbeing needs.

What does this service involve?

This service begins with a consultation phase allowing us to assess the immediate wellbeing needs of staff. Along with our knowledge of factors that play a key role in workplace wellbeing we use this information in order to design a bespoke staff wellbeing survey. We then undertake a full analysis of the data gleaned from the survey and provide you with a clear summary report of the findings. This will include recommendations for your staff wellbeing strategy as well as staff support interventions.

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